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May 5, 2006

I have been working on several fronts at the same time:

1) I have been doing a major conversion to a database engine to allow modular construction and more contacts / awards to be supported.

2) I have been developing radio interfaces to allow the gathering of information from the radios. This will not be a control program module, but rather a gathering of information module.

3) I have been working up a WinKey Morse code keyer connection. This would allow the easier logging of CW contacts when chasing paper.

I have recieved several questions, as to the cost. At this time, I am registering anyone who asks for free.

Please direct support suggestions and questions to the Paper Chasers Log group at Yahoo. They will be handled as I have one ATU (Amateur Time Unit) :)

-- Jim N7VR

December 21, 2005

I discovered there is a Yahoo Group already setup for this. Please join us. -- Jim N7VR

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December 20,2005

After an email request to Mark (N0OKS), I have received permission to continue support of Paper Chasers Log. I am setting the site up on my server located at Please bear with me, as I get things setup. You can email suggestions and comments to N7VR. Jim Fuller N7VR

Note From NØOKS

I published Paper Chasers' Log with the though that I could produce a great program that would make some money for me. Alas, such is not the case. I see that I have only 321 registered users. So, the time has come to move on. In other words, Paper Chaser's Log is now free. My URL does not expire until this December 2005, so I will make ini files until then. 73's, N0OKS

PCL Screenshot

Paper Chasers' Log now integrates with the Buckmaster HamCall CD and online Call Book Server, the eQSL online QSL data base, the QRZ web page and CD and the ARRL LOTW.

Paper Chasers' Log is about chasing awards. Awards are broken into two types, Number awards, where you collect a number, a 10-10 International Number for instance, and Entry awards where you need a certain entry, the name of a San Marino Castle for instance. Paper Chasers' Log tracks more awards than all of the other QSO logging programs combined. Click here to see all of the awards tracked by Paper Chasers Log.

Paper Chasers’ Log imports data from several other QSO logging programs: Digipan, DXLog, Win-EQF / Log-EQF, WB2DND, WJ2O, NetLogger, WIN 1010, DXtreme and BMLLOG. Paper Chasers' Log also imports ADIF files and all seven Cabrillo file types. There is also a general, user defined data import for comma separated value, CSV, files.

Additionally, there are only a couple thousand or so reports in Paper Chasers’ Log. Certainly you will want more. Let me know what your needs are and I will respond.

Paper Chasers' Log tracks and reports the awards for the GERATOL Net, Century Club Net (There is a data import for BMLLOG files.), OMISS Net, HHH Net and Ten Ten.

You may download Paper Chasers’ Log and see how you like it. The only restriction in the free version of the program is that it will only save 50 QSOs. However, you may import a data file of any size and run the program with the imported QSOs. You may generate any report and do anything else with the program. When you exit, your complete data file will be saved, however, when you run the program again, the program will only read the first 50 QSOs.

The 50 QSO restriction is controlled by the initialization file for the program, pcl.ini. When you purchase the program, I will email you a new initialization file that removes the 50 QSO limit. The new initialization file will also have your call encoded in it. Currently, Paper Chasers’ Log is limited to a maximum of 100,000 QSOs.

I have just found the ultimate web site for awards, DXAWARDS.COM. This site is run by Ted Melinosky, K1BV, and is the ultimate source for information on awards.

Here are the details about the program:

December 17, 2004: The addition of the Italian Castles award increased the number of award entries to more than 32767. This required a chage to Paper Chasers' Log. You must install the most recent update, 2.43, before you use the updated awards, awards.dat.

Improvements since initial publication on December 7, 2002

A Note on DXCC Prefixes: The prefix KG4 is assigned to Guantanamo Bay. However, there are 14,339 calls in the FCC data base with the KG4 prefix and none of them are in Guantanamo Bay. The prefix KC4 is assigned to Antarctica. However, there are 6,717 calls in the FCC data base with the KC4 prefix and none of them are in Antarctica. I have decided to remove the KG4 along with the WG4 and NG4 prefixes from Guantanamo Bay and KC4 from Antarctica in the DXCC.DAT file. This means that a call with any of these prefixes will now show as a US call instead of a Guantanamo Bay or Antarctica call. This will significantly reduce the errors in data imports. If you work a call in Guantanamo Bay or Antarctica you will need to manually select Guantanamo Bay or Antarctica as the DXCC country.

Take a look at the reviews at Click Here

Best of all, the price is only $25.00.

You may receive a message from your internet browser that the file install.exe may contain malicious code. It does not. Anti virus protection is installed and maintained on this computer. There is no danger in downloading and installing install.exe. On Tuesday, May 13, 2003 in response to a comment from a customer that one of the files on this web site contained a virus, I used both Symantec and Sophos antivirus software to scan my computer. No viruses were found. During the period that I was checking my computer, all downloads from this site were suspended.

Once you have installed Paper Chasers' Log, you should check for updates on a regular basis, monthly would be good.

Click here down and install.

Updating Paper Chasers' Log to the most recent version.

November 30, 2003: There is a new DXCC data file, dxcc.dat. Please replace your existing dxcc.dat file with this new version. Just replace the file, do not go through the new version update procedure. Click here to download dxcc.dat (about 33 KB)

The awards file, awards.dat, is no longer a part of the file. This is because you can now customize your awards.dat file. If you need a new copy of the most recent awards.dat, click here. Unzip the file and save awards.dat to the directory where you installed Paper Chasers' Log, most likely C:\Program Files\N0OKS Software\Paper Chasers' Log. December 17, 2004: Added Norwegian WANCA, Netherlands Provinces, Deutsches InselnDiplom and Italian Castles. You MUST install the most recent version of Paper Chasers' Log, version 2.43, before you update your awards.dat file. Click here to download (about 124 KB)

Paper Chasers' Log uses a file of ARLHS Member Numbers, arlhs.dat. If this file is present then the ARLHS member number for a call will be displayed. This file is optional. Click here for the most recent version (March 14, 2004). Save arlhs.dat to the directory where you installed Paper Chasers' Log, most likely C:\Program Files\N0OKS Software\Paper Chasers' Log. Click here to download arlhs.dat (about 8 KB)

Paper Chasers' Log uses a file of Ten Ten Numbers. If this file is present then the TenTen number for a call will be displayed. This file is optional. Click here for the most recent version (April 5, 2003). Unzip to the directory where you installed Paper Chasers' Log, most likely C:\Program Files\N0OKS Software\Paper Chasers' Log. Click here to download (about 300 KB)

Paper Chasers' Log uses a file of Worked All Britain, WAB, Squares. If this file is present then the entry field for WAB Squares will appear on the screen and you may track WAB Squares. This file is optional. Save wab.dat to the directory where you installed Paper Chasers' Log, most likely C:\Program Files\N0OKS Software\Paper Chasers' Log. Click here to download wab.dat (about 56 KB)

The file contains two files, calls.dat and zip.dat, which are the Names and Addresses of Canadian and US Hams. If you download these two files and place them in the directory where you installed Paper Chasers' Log, then the name and address of Canadian and US Hams will appear when you enter a Canadian or US Call. You will also be able to print QSO address labels for Canadian and US Hams. This file is optional. The information in these files is update weekly. The last update was Sunday, July 3, 2005. Click here to download (about 25.7MB)

If you do not have an unzip program, you can try the evaluation program available at

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